Regarding itinirat displays, they are at school´s and educative institute’s disposal if you would like to offer and educational space on teaching about the Holocaust. The displays are for a determined time.

Afterwards, we extend the list of things the Holocaust museum of Buenos Aires offer to visit.

The rescuers

The rescuers: a narration about the courageous determination and moral compromise on different people in dissimilar economic position and situations. This were people with integrity and bravery that saved many Jews life of the killing and persecution of the Nazi regime in central and East Europe amid the period 1939 and 1945 during the Second War World.

 Januz Korczak 1878-1942

Janusz Korczak 1878-1942: Based on the investigation of Beit Lohamei Haguetaot (Israel) that allows a path along the life of this internationally recognized Jewish educationalist who lived in Varsovia´s Ghetto and command the orphanage operating in the Ghetto. His dedication, doings and fondness with the poorest children supporting them unconditionally until the end is what makes him so important.

 Spanish Diplomatic during the Holocaust

Spanish Diplomatic during the Holocaust: in honor of the Spanish Diplomatic that during Second World War in self-initiative helped persecuted Jews during Nazism.


Endurance: Jewish endurance under the Nazi regime allows us to present the diverse characteristics that Jewish scramble had in all aspects. This refers to spiritual, organization and fleet in the different places where Jews where confined. Endurance was rather hard to develop due to life conditions during that time, but necessary to survive. The Jewish people struggled for continuity, for life, against Nazis policy that intended to destroy their dignity..

 Identity: portraits of Shoa victims

Identity: portraits of Shoa victims. 54 actual pictures whose correspond to Holocaust survivors. Those pictures are accompanied with a brief biography and a fragment of their hideous experience during the Shoa. The aim of this part of the entire exhibition is to continue providing testimony about the horror, persecution, and execution of the millions Jews amongst 1933 and 1945.

 A day at Varsovia´s Ghetto

A day at Varsovia´s Ghetto: a photographic documentary display. It includes some of the 129 photographs a German soldier called Heinz Jost took in Varsovia´s Ghetto the day of his birthday. Jost was so impressed that he kept the pictures he took in secret until early 80´s when he donated those pictures to the Stern magazine. Shortly after, he died. Since 1987, the pictures belong to the permanent exposition in Yad Vashem and also to the Holocaust museum since 1999.

 Bulgarian Jews salvation during the Shoah

Bulgarian Jews salvation during the Shoa: seventy years to Bulgarian Jews salvation during the Holocaust/Shoa. Made by the cultural institute of foreign relations ministry of Bulgaria and DAIA.

 International display of “journeys through the Holocaust” posters

International display of “journeys through the Holocaust” posters: the posters design competition of “keeping the memory alive” is an altogether project backed by the international Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) and perform by Yad Vashem, the remembrance authority for the martyrs and Holocaust heroes, Israel; the Jewish cultural center in London, UK; European institute of the Holocaust´s legacy, Czech Republic; the Chairmanship of Canada in the International Alliance for Holocaust Memorial; the Holocaust and the disclosure program of the United Nations. In this exhibition 16 singular designs are shown. Each one suppose to recognize the sense of the centrality in Holocaust remembrance, keeping the memory alive for future generations surrounding audiences all over the world.