The Buenos Aires Holocaust Museum is a living memorial that integrates the Shoah’s historical vision during World War II and its repercussions in Argentina, transmitting the values of “Memory” and “Remembrance”.

It is a live testimony of history, and shall bid us to pay homage and remembrance helping to make the historical truth known, and reinforce our society’s democratic and pluralistic convictions.

Conceived as an appropriate architectural project with modern and interactive museum graphic dynamics, it is the habitat containing testimonial material, as well as audio-visual, pictorial, graphic means and objects allowing the visitor to get a consistent and rigorous view of the events that took place during Nazism, its causes and its ominous effects and its repercussion in Argentina; a live monument whereby to pay homage to the Victims and the Survivors, to  their struggle to recover and rebuild their lives after all those tragic  years of  sacrifice and suffering.

This proposal is complemented with exhibitions to transmit the Memory; objects and testimonial documents, as well as temporary exhibitions from all around the World on the subject of the Shoah.

Therefore, the Holocaust Museum represents a relevant landmark in the transmission of historical truth, and a center for research, homage, and remembrance, unavoidable for all men and women who love human rights and fraternity among people.

Young people will be able to learn in a clear and didactic manner about a decisive stage in history and get acquainted with a commitment to humanistic values, far from silence and indifference.

The Museum was declared of Cultural Interest by the Buenos Aires City Congress by its permanent effort and contribution to incorporate the subject of the Holocaust into the General Education as a privileged way to recover the history, to prevent the repetition of racist and violent acts that threatens the humanity again and again.